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Make a Quarter Scale Front Porch Scene in a Tea Cup Using Free Printables


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Materials Needed to Make a Tea Cup Front Porch Scene
Photo of printable parts used to make doors, windows and windowboxes for a tea cup front porch scene

Photo of printables used to make a 1:48 scale front porch scene in a tea cup. See pdf file with these instructions for actual printables

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

To Make a Quarter Scale Front Porch and Garden Scene in a Tea Cup You Will Need:

  • A suitable tea cup - see the information on choosing cups on the next page to choose one which is easy to fit the scene into.
  • Light Weight Card This is a good project for scraps of card that come in packaging, or you can use a recycled file folder or card from the side of a cereal box. You can also print the designs directly onto photo paper or lightweight cardstock.
  • Acrylic Paint and Finishes I set the printable parts for this project up in a range of custom colors to suit my particular tea cup design. If you wish, you can use your choice of custom colors and use the printables as templates for pieces you cut from card and paint yourself. If you use the printables, you will need to apply a protective finish coat to the printables before gluing them in place.
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Sharp Craft Knife
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Clear Acetate or Plastic Sheet to make clear windows. On plastic model doors and windows you can use products like Glue and Glaze or strong pva glue, to make window panes
  • Printable Sheet of Parts these are printable as pdf (Acrobat Reader Required) files from the following links: Windows, Doors, Shutters and Windowboxes in quarter scale (1:48) Wall Backgrounds If you prefer you can use windows, doors, shutters and railings from Grandt Line or laser cut doors and windows from quarter scale dollhouse suppliers.
  • Glue - I wanted my project to be removable if someone wanted to use the tea cup, so I used Florist's sticky clay (available in a tape form from florists, or in the floral supply section of a craft store) This very sticky material will hold for many years without problems and can be removed from china by using a bit of mineral oil or cooking oil. Heavy bodied tube glues and silicone caulks like '527' and 'shoe goo' can also be used. For more permanent results use two part epoxy glues.
  • Paper Glues - to assemble the printables you will need pva (white) glue, or something similar.
  • Clear Acetate Sheet to make clear windows with a view into your 'interior'.
  • Scraps of Lace or other material for curtains.
  • Plain or Decorative Paper or painted card for custom finishes and details.
  • Small Interior Photos - can be cut from a magazine, to line the area behind the curtains and provide a view.
  • Dry Florist's Foam or scrap of styrofoam to make the front porch.
  • Paper or Air Dry Clay with a stone or brick design - To finish the front porch and stairs.

To Finish the Landscaping you will need bits of colored paper, reindeer moss or green kitchen 'scrubbies', Florists clay or modelling clay or air dry clay and florist's foam. The instructions for making the quarter scale garden will be contained in another tutorial.

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