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Make a Quarter Scale Front Porch Scene in a Tea Cup Using Free Printables


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Build a Quarter Scale Window Box From Printables or Paper and Foam
Assembling a printable 1:48 scale planter by folding and gluing it around a piece of florist's foam.

Assembling a 1:48 scale printable planter from paper and dry florist's foam.

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Build a Window Box - To make a window box for your scene, cut out one of the window box printables, or use them as a template for making a window box from lightweight card or paper. Punch out the holes in the design with a tiny hole punch if you wish. Fold the two circular end sections in half towards the non printed side and glue the folded section. Fold up the tabs along the colored line at the bottom of the window box, and fold the sections you glued for the ends back at the V of the upper design as shown. Glue the short tabs inside the long tab to shape the sides and bottom of the box.

Cut a tiny rectangle of dry florist's foam or scrap packing styrofoam to fit inside the window box, just below the scalloped edge. Glue the florist's foam to the inside of the box.

Make Simple Window Box Plants in Quarter Scale

  • Petunias Use the smallest hole punch you can find (1/16 inch) to make circles from colored paper. Cut tiny triangles from green paper for leaves and glue them to a fine piece of green wire, or glue some bits of green pot scouring pad to a fine (# 30) piece of wire. Use the rounded end of a toothpick or darning needle to shape the tiny circles on an eraser or mouse pad so that they become cup shaped. Glue them to the wire you glued the leaves to. Bend over the end of the wire and press the wire into the foam in your window box to allow your rows of pansies to flow over the edges of the window box.
  • Geraniums Use medium circles of green paper to make leaves, and use smaller circles of colored paper to make flowers, cup the flowers as you did for the petunias. Dip the end of a piece of fine florist's wire in glue, and attach a five to seven 'flowers' to the glue at the top of the wire. If you find it easier to attach the flowers to a ball shape, wrap the very end of the wire with a bit of thread before dipping it in glue, in order to make a small ball head for your geranium. Use a toothpick to put dots of glue around the wire for roughly 3/16 inch below the flower head. Hold the 'leaves' with a pair of tweezers and push the edge of the leaf into the glue along the wire. Place five to seven leaves around each wire. Set three or five stems into a cluster to make a geranium plant in 1/4 scale.
  • Lavender To make quarter scale lavender plants, dip 3/4 inch long pieces of fine green painted wire 1/16 of an inch into purple acrylic paint. Set the pieces into a scrap of foam or modelling clay to dry. When dry, trim them to a bit longer than 1/2 inch. Take a small bit of reindeer moss and press the stalks of 'lavender' through the reindeer moss to hold it in place in the planter. Leave the stems sticking up above the moss. Add five to seven wire stems for each lavender clump.

When your flower box is assembled, apply glue to the back of the box and press it into place below your window.

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