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Make a Quarter Scale Front Porch Scene in a Tea Cup Using Free Printables


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Build a Quarter Scale Front Porch Scene In a Tea Cup
A 1:48 scale house front with a patio fitted into a standard tea cup.

A quarter scale (1:48) house front and patio in a tea cup.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Quarter scale dolls house items fit well into the circumference of a tea cup. This tutorial for a front porch scene uses a set of free printables, but you can also use standard railroad / quarter scale dollhouse doors and window details for this project. This tutorial continues with a separate section showing how to create a garden landscape around your front porch scene.

If you prefer to use plastic parts for the windows and doors, they are available online from Grandt Line The printables are set at standard sizes for doors and windows, the Grandt Line parts may be slightly smaller.

Accessories for these little scenes can be obtained from specialist quarter scale dollhouse suppliers, or from in the O scale section of a model railroad shop. I'll be posting another tutorial on smaller scale landscaping using this scene as a sample, so if you want to build a tea cup scene similar to the ones in the Seattle Spring 2010 Smaller Scale Gallery, start here.

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