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Detailed Landscaping in 1:48 Scale - The Tea Cup Front Porch Garden


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Make a Simple 'Cloud' Tree in Quarter Scale
Quarter scale dollhouse 'cloud' tree made from wire and reindeer moss.

Quarter scale dollhouse 'cloud' tree made from wire and reindeer moss.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Trim the Tree Frame - To make the 'cloud' tree, where clusters of leaves resembling small clouds are on the end of each bare tree branch, trim your tree frame branches to size and arrange them in the pattern you want for your tree.

Add Foliage Tufts - Take a prepared tuft of reindeer moss and trim the stems under the fine upper surface to a suitable length for your cloud cluster. Bunch these understems tightly together and apply a bit of glue. Use tweezers to pinch the glue and stems to the end of a wire branch, holding the cluster in place until it will stay on the wire branch. Apply the other cluster the same way, one per branch. If you have long branches you can bend them and apply a second cluster at the bends. Look at samples of cloud pruned trees from Chinese and Japanese gardens and bonsai. Set the tree aside to dry

Trim the Extra Understems - To neaten the cloud clusters trim the moss where it joins the branch so that it is neatly trimmed and looks like small branch clusters. Don't leave any unsightly ends sticking out at the base of the cloud tuft. If your tufts are too floppy, try trimming the length underneath the top of the rounded tuft. Shorter lengths of moss will hold their shape more easily. You can modify this technique and use larger tufts of reindeer moss across one or two branches to create bushier trees if you wish. I used the cloud shape for the tea cup scene as it is easy to rearrange the branches to suit the position of your teacup and the underplanting.

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