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Detailed Landscaping in 1:48 Scale - The Tea Cup Front Porch Garden


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Landscaping a Quarter Scale Tea Cup Scene in the Tea Cup Saucer
A 1:48 scale landscaped garden and cottage built in a tea cup.

A 1:48 scale landscaped garden and cottage built in a tea cup.

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Landscapes in tea cups can be built in a number of ways. The instructions on the following papges show how dollhouse quarter scale plants can be used to add color and interest to a simple front porch scene built in a tea cup. You can use the link to the simple front porch scene to build the basic landscape using free printables. Most of the plant instructions can be found in the article on Making Detailed Quarter Scale Plants

This landscape has been built using dry floral arrangement foam as a base. All the garden beds are anchored to the front of the tea cup or free standing, and can easily be removed if you want to use the tea cup for its intended purpose. Simpler landscapes can be built using railway landscaping materials or bottle brush trees. Experiment with the space in a saucer and see what effects you can create with simple materials.

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