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Materials Needed to Build a Simple Model Horse Stable
Standard dimension craft wood used to make a scale miniature stable for a 1:12 scale model horse.

Standard craft wood, bookboard, cardboard or illustration board can be used to make a simple stable for several scales of model horse.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This model stable can be built out of a wide range of material. As shown, I used standard craft strips of basswood (jelutong). The windows can be glazed with plastic or bars can be made for them using rounded toothpicks.

If the stable is intended for a child's play - make sure all materials used are non hazardous and appropriate for the age of child (no small parts for children three and under, or children who still put things in their mouths).

The materials you choose will somewhat depend on the style and size of stable you want to build. The stable shown here was designed to house one or two small ponies in roughly 1:12 scale. The criteria for the stable were that it had to be as small as possible to fit along one wall of a breakaway box. The stable had to have windows on at least two sides to see the pony. The front wall should be open or have doors or dividers that do not impede the play of a child, the stable should have a hayloft storage area with easy access for play and storage.

You could make an identical stable from Davy Board or Bookboard or illustration board or glue together sections of cereal or shoe boxes. I have shown the stable in these instructions without doors or stall dividers. There is a separate set of instructions for making fabric hinged stable doors or stall dividers which are used to finish the stable. (The instructions were too long for one template.)

To Make The Stable Shown In These Instructions I Used:


  • Craft Wood - I used basswood stripwood in the following sizes: Two, 2 ft lengths of 3" x 3/32 inch thick wood for the walls and hayloft floor, Fifteen inch length of 4" wide x 1/8 inch thick wood for the floor and roof, Two, 24 inch lengths of 1/8" thick by 1/4 " wide trim wood, Four, 24 inch lengths of 1/16" thick by 3/16" wide trim wood (much of this was used for the stable doors as well).
  • Craft Sticks and Toothpicks To frame the windows and make bars for the windows (if desired) or the top section of the stable doors.
  • Acrylic paint in raw umber, burnt umber, red, orange and black for the wood trim. Green and white for the exterior trim and shingles.
  • Paint Brushes - stiff for staining the wood and medium for painting the trim and walls.
  • Craft Knife To cut the wood - I also used a razor saw and mitre box for some pieces.
  • Hard (2H) Pencil - to mark the lines for the wainscotting and floorboards.
  • PVA (White) glue or carpenter's glue.
  • Kraft Paper - recycled from a grocery bag to make the roof shingles.
  • Gluing Jig
  • Glue Spreader
  • Embossing tool to mark the lines for the wainscotting and floorboards.
  • Fine Sandpaper


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