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Make a Bookend to Display Miniatures


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Set Up The MDF Bookends for an Outside or Inside Miniature Scene
Basic mdf bookend incomplete but with an interior dolls house window in place.

This simple mdf bookend is set to show an interior display in dolls house scale.

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Check that the window fits and is square. If you wish to add lights, create any channels or install tape wire if necessary. Finish your interior/exterior then fit your window into place over whatever trim you use.

Some suggestions for outside trim:

  • Siding or shingles cut or punched from cardstock
  • Scale wooden siding or shingles
  • Plaster created from filling compound or gesso
  • Scale brick made from brick paper or any of the commercial miniature brick compounds and stencils
  • Scale pebble dash of fine aquarium gravel and filling compound or gesso
  • Stucco finish made from crumpled tissue and white glue.

To Make a Miniature Inside View

If you wish to install wiring install channels for wire or fit tapewire or determine the placement of a battery system for your lights. Undercoat the MDF or Baltic Birch with primer. Paint or finish the walls and floor with papers, or other miniature finishes. When the walls are complete, place and finish the window. Decorate your bookcase as desired.

To Finish the Edges and Book Supporting Sides and Base

To finish the outer sides which are not part of the miniature scene, cut a paper pattern of the outer sides (mark the window if there is one) and use these paper pieces as a template to cut the leatherette or decorative paper for the book supporting side and the back. Spread PVA glue thinly on the side and back of the bookend and and glue the decorative finish in place. Use a piece of felt or thin cork to cover the bottom face of the bookend to protect table and shelf surfaces.

Finish the Edges

When all decorative surfaces are ready for the scene, cut and apply the edging tape or molding to the unfinished edges of mdf or baltic birch plywood. Wood veneer edgings may need to be ironed on with a teflon based iron. Wood mouldings can be cut to fit then glued and clamped in place until dry.

Your bookend will now be ready to decorate.

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