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Make Simple Jumps and Fencing for Model Horse Scenes Using Craft Sticks


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Parts Needed for the Fence Post System
Model horse fence posts which will support removable or permanent rails between the  posts.

Parts for the main model horse fence posts will support removable or permanent rails between the posts.

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The fence posts are made from two and 1/2 craft sticks per post. You will need craft sticks or scale lumber that suits the scale of the scene you are working with. I used standard coffee stir sticks for this 1:12 scale fence.

How Many Posts? - Determine how many straight posts and how many corner posts you will want to build. It is easier to assemble all the posts at once. Jump posts are assembled slightly differently.

Trim Craft or Stir Sticks to Length - For each post trim two stir sticks to the length you want for the posts, leaving the rounded top if the stir stick has one. Trim a third stick to the same length for the centers of every two posts.

Measure the Rail Supports- Mark all the post centers evenly, at least 1/4 inch down from the top of the post. Mark below that even sections which are 1/8 inch wider than the width of one of your craft sticks that you will use for a fence rail. Mark the center sections to within 1/4 inch of the bottom of the post. Mark all center post sections at the same time to make sure your measurements are even for all posts. (Mark one center post section in each five unmarked craft sticks to make two full posts from five craft sticks.)

Number the Sections - to make it easier to assemble the posts and keep your measurements accurate, mark all the center post sections as shown, writing the numbers as close to the outside edges of the post as you can set them, the same number on each marked section as shown.

Cutting Note This type of project lends itself to use of a hand held pruner if you have one, or an Easy Cutter - Stripwood Cutter . You can also use a craft knife, or use a miter box and a razor saw to cut through several pieces at the same time.

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