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Use Inexpensive Book Board To Build A Dolls House or Rooombox or Diorama Box


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Cut Openings in the Roombox Walls for Windows or Doors
Davey Board pieces for a roombox are cut to accept a dolls house window.

Davey Board pieces for a roombox are cut to accept a dolls house window.

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Make Openings for Doors or Walls If you want openings in the walls for doors or windows, measure the position carefully on the board and mark it out. Commercial dolls house windows are two deep for a single layer of bookboard and may need to be cut down. Custom windows and opening dollhouse doors are simple to build as long as the opening you want to fit them in is square. Pieces of scrap book board can be used to make window frames and interior door moldings if you wish.

If you want to connect a series of roomboxes for a baby house or the interior of a dolls house, make sure you use a standard setback from the front of each roombox to position your doorways. That way the openings will line up when the roomboxes are side by side

Make sure all openings are cut slightly large. The openings will be lined with at least one layer of paper, which will make a difference when fitting in a window or door. Allow for two to three thicknesses of paper in the opening at least.

The standard setting for most windows is 2 1/2 inches up from the floor. The sides of this roombox are 9 inches high, and fit inside the top and bottom of the box. You can use a standard 2 1/2 inch measurement to set the window height from the base of the wall.

As I intend to use more than one roombox in a baby house in the future, I have set the door openings two inches in from the front, and centered a window opening across from the door. Eventually my roombox will sit in a wooden case where a standard sized dolls house window will match with the room box opening

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