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Make a Simple Dolls House Roombox from Baltic Birch Plywood


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Make a Simple Dolls House Roombox from Baltic Birch Plywood
A group of different sized roomboxes laid out to make a simple dolls house.

Simple plywood roomboxes can be joined or placed in a cabinet to form an expandable dolls house.

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Roomboxes have a long tradition amongst dolls house miniature collectors. They are a simple way to show off a collection as you build it. Less expensive than starting with an entire dollhouse, they are also a good way to build up a child's dollhouse collection as their interests change or develop. A childs doll house collection can be built room by room, to be housed in existing furniture until the entire collection can be linked in a single case.

If you plan for the future when you build your first roombox, you can create a collection that will fit in an existing bookcase, or be built into a complete house. As a collection of roomboxes grows, it can go into a special baby house or a particular piece of furniture. If roomboxes are designed to be a standard size, you can create a village of one and two story shops or houses by attaching the roomboxes together.

On their own, roomboxes can be left without fronts, fronted behind standard picture frames, or build with sliding glass tops or fronts to protect them from dust. As your skills grow, you can create opening fronts with windows and doors for shops or simple buildings. All are built on a simple box plan.

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