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Make a Miniature Woodland House for a Mouse, Fairy or Elf


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Make a Miniature Woodland House - Part One, Finish the Exterior
Miniature mouse and Calico Critter outside a simple house made from recycled materials.

Miniature mice and calico critters can both inhabit this 1:24 scale house built from a cardboard sided container.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This three story miniature living space for a woodland creature or mouse began its life as a large round cardboard cannister. Made from recycled materials, this is an inexpensive display to make and a great way to introduce a younger generation to the fun of making miniature projects from found materials. As shown here, the house easily accommodates the poseable miniature mouse made from felt, as well as standard Calico Critters (Sylvanian Families). It is built roughly to 1:24 scale, which means it will accommodate tiny ball joint dolls like the "Realpuki" elves as well.

This set of instructions will cover just the basic structure and exterior finishing. There will be a separate set of instructions for finishing and wiring the interior.

Important! - read the full set of instructions before you begin to cut anything. As all container are different sizes, you want to arrange the openings in your container to suit your scene, and the size of your miniature figures. Check the size of your figures against the door sizes on the printable template sheet (pdf file, acrobat reader required to open) to make sure those templates will work for your house. If not, make templates for the doors and windows you want in your house, and cut the openings only after you have read all the instructions.

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