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How to Choose or Build the Best Container For a Simple Diorama


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Pick the Best Container For Your Diorama Project
Shoeboxes work well for simple diorama scenes as long as they fit the subject.

Regular shoebox used for a diorama. Care must be taken to find a box which can be adapted to the size of your diorama scene.

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If you need to make a diorama for a school or group project, you don't have to use the standard shoebox. Make the most of your display and show off your ideas with a bit more flair by choosing a container that suits your subject matter.

Some Things to Think About Before You Pick a Diorama Container:

  • What Needs to Fit in the Scene? - Do you have small models but need a large backdrop, do you need to put in lots of text to explain your diorama?, do you need to have large and small objects in your display? Do you want a narrow or deep display?
  • Does your Display Need to Stand Alone? - will you need support for text?, something to hold up a backdrop?
  • Would a Custom Container Shape Add To the Appeal or Interest of Your Diorama?
  • Can You Build a Better Display Container with Simple Tools and Materials
  • How Will You Transport and Store Your Diorama?

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