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Make Miniature Displays

Free instructions to make miniature displays for a table, a wall, or a scene. The miniature displays include bookends, roomboxes, dolls houses, and break away boxes, as well as wall displays.
  1. Quarter Scale Displays (6)

Projects to Display Miniatures
The display cases, bookends, room boxes and dolls house projects listed here are all designed to be easily made from a wide variety of basic materials. Many of them introduce you to techniques that will allow you to build displays in a variety of scales.

Plan Sources for Dolls Houses in Several Scales
Free plans and sources for plans for doll houses and roomboxes in 1:6 (fashion doll scale), 1:12 (traditional dollhouse scale and 1:24 (halfscale or garden railroad scale).

How to Choose or Build the Best Container For a Simple Diorama
Tips on picking the best container to show off a simple diorama project.

Make a Dolls House or a Dolls House/Bookcase From Baltic Birch Plywood
The free plans and instructions for this traditional front opening baby house use only a single sheet of plywood and some standard wood trim.

Build Room Boxes For Doll House and Model Displays - Small Focussed Displays...
Room boxes are small boxes designed to hold a single room scale display for miniatures and models. A roombox can be built in any scale, and they are often used to house a display until a larger collection is completed. If roomboxes are designed to standard dimensions, they can be fitted into cases called 'baby houses' which resemble a full size...

Make a Simple Dolls House Roombox from Baltic Birch Plywood
Make a simple dolls house scale roombox from Baltic birch plywood. A roombox can be finished with a front glass frame, or sized to fit as a group inside a bookcase or other piece of furniture to make a baby house.

Use Inexpensive Book Board To Build A Dolls House or Rooombox or Diorama Box
These simple box building instructions will help you make dollhouse scale roomboxes inexpensively from book board or Davey board and paper.

Create a Miniature Cabin Front Porch Display Shelf in 1:12 Scale
This miniature cabin front porch in 1:12 or dollhouse scale is constructed as a display shelf which can be hung on a wall. The building techniques are simple and this is a good project for a beginner new to working with scale buildings. The materials used are lightweight, and the space and backdrop allow for a wide range of collections or...

Make a Miniature Woodland House for a Mouse, Fairy or Elf
Make a woodland house for a miniature mouse, fairy or elf using simple recycled materials

Make a Bookend to Display Miniatures
This easy to build bookend display project is a good start to working with mdf for creating miniature displays or dolls houses. This small project takes very little material and can be used to create a simple indoor or outdoor scene to place on a table top or in a bookcase.

Make a Breakaway Box with Hinged Sides To Display Your Miniatures
Make a custom sized breakaway box with one or more hinged sides to display and protect your miniature and dolls house scenes.

Assemble A Simple Display Box for Your Miniature Collection
Use simple materials to create an effective miniature display box for your collection. Suitable for miniatures collected on trips, or to hold parts of a collection until you build it further.

Miniature Flower Shop Displays
Ten examples of varied miniature flower shop displays

Finish a Classic Miniature Shopfront
How to add trim to finish a dollhouse shop front with columns and moldings for a traditional style.

Make Custom Dollhouse Scale Doors, Windows, Stairs and Other Building Parts
DIY instructions for a range of dolls house scale custom doors, windows, stairs and other building components made using simple hand tools and craft materials.

Make Domes for Scale Miniature and Model Buildings
Make Domes for Scale Miniature and Model Buildings

Make Realistic Water Features in any Model Scale Using Sheet Plastic
Make very realistic water features in any model scale using sheet styrene or acrylic over a base of dry floral foam. This technique works for standing or running water.

Simple Ways to Make a Shaped, Opening Box or Container from Papier Mache
Make shaped boxes for miniature displays, candies or keepsakes using simple paper mache techniques and common household materials.

House Your Miniature Horses In Style
Step by step instructions to make a simple stable or play stable for a model horse in several miniature scales.

Make Simple Jumps and Fencing for Model Horse Scenes
How to make simple adjustable or permanent fencing or jumps for model horse displays, using regular model lumber, or craft or stir sticks.

Make a Backdrop Support For Photographing Miniatures, Models and Dolls - Make...
Make a Backdrop Support For Photographing Miniatures, Models and Dolls - Make a Miniature Photography Set Support

Printable Backdrops for Dolls House Roomboxes and Model Scenes
Printable backdrops for roomboxes and model scenes, exterior and interior.

Decorate an Altoids Mint Tin To Hold Collectible St Patrick's Day Miniatures
Decorate an Altoid Mint Tin for a miniature scene or to hold collectibles using these St. Patrick's Day printable papers and backdrops.

Make an Easter Display Tree
Use this inexpensive easter display tree made from craft wire and a small floral container to hold your collectible easter ornaments .

List of Miniature Projects for a Model School or Classroom
Use this list to make a range of miniatures for a classroom or school setting in your choice of scales. This list includes basic furniture, ways to make books and school supplies.

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