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Tiny Wooden Bird Toys With Flapping Feet


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Make a Dolls House Scale Walking Penguin Toy
A dolls house scale wooden walking penguin toy shown next to a quarter coin.

A working dolls house scale walking penguin toy shown beside a quarter for scale.

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This miniature walking penguin toy is a classic child's toy. You can use the instructions to make a penguin as shown, or change the color scheme and make other flapping walking toys, a duck, a goose, or a blue footed booby. The toy doesn't take a lot of special materials to make. It is a good project for beginning woodworkers, as it uses fine hand files and a fine drill rather than specialized tools.

If you prefer, the toy can be made using card with a pin for an axle, but it will not be as sturdy if anyone wants to see it in motion.

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