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Sculpt Small Seagulls for Scale Models From a Variety of Modelling Materials


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Add the Main Body Shape To Your Miniature Seagull Head
An narrow oblong body base is added beneath a model seagull's head, wings will be added later.

An oblong body base is added beneath the seagull's head. It is narrow to allow for the addition of wings.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

When you have the beak shaped correctly, add a jelly bean shaped body to your seagull head. Try to work from a photograph to build the body which makes the breast of the gull and its stomach. You will be adding more material for wings and a tail in the next step. The main body is just the support piece that you will model the rest of the gull on.

Use a soft paint brush or clay shaping tool to blend the head and body together smoothly in the neck area. Once you have the neck section smooth, set the head and body aside to dry, cure or stiffen up (polymer clay) so that it will be easier to finish the sculpture.

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