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Make a Miniature Felt Hippopotamus


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Make an Easy Miniature Hippopotamus From Felt
A three inch smiling miniature hippo sewn from felt.

A three inch miniature felt hippopotamus for a dolls house scene, a decoration, or a small collectible.

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This three inch high miniature felt hippopotamus is made from two main pieces of felt, stitched together by hand using the back stitch, or by machine. It is an easy project and a good way for a beginning sewer to learn how to work with small curved seams. The hippo can be hung on a Christmas tree or used as a toy in a fashion doll scene, or as a large toy in a dolls house scene. The little hippopotamus can be made even smaller than shown in these instructions. Shrink the pattern pieces before your print them if you want to make it in a smaller size. It is a good idea to make the hippo first in the size shown on the pattern as a practice run.

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