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Sew a Poseable Miniature Mouse or Christmas Mouse Decoration From Felt


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More Animals To Make To Accompany the Miniature Felt Mouse
Miniature felt mouse shown beside an easy to sew felt hippopotamus for size.

Miniature felt mouse shown with an easy to sew felt hippopotamus.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

The miniatures site has instructions for a number of other animals that will go with the miniature felt mouse. These are all slightly easier projects to make than the felt mouse.

  • Make a Miniature Felt Hippopotamus - this is a very easy sewing project for a beginner, the hippopotamus makes up to roughly the same size as the mouse.
  • Make Churchill the Polar Bear - The polar bear is smaller than either the hippopotamus or the mouse, but if you want it the same size, the pattern is easy to enlarge.

Make Clothing For Your Tiny Animals - If you wish to make clothing for your animals, there is a simple pattern for a dress which was made to fit the miniature hippopotamus. You can also adapt clothing made for small figures, the clothing for Only Hearts Club Lil Kids will fit many doll house scale child dolls, as well as the mouse and the Hippopotamus which are roughly the size of 1:12 scale child dolls.

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