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Sew a Poseable Miniature Mouse or Christmas Mouse Decoration From Felt


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Add the Ears and Tail to Your Miniature Felt Mouse
Ears are colored and sewn to the head seam of a miniature felt mouse.

The inner section of the ears of a miniature felt mouse can be colored with pastels or felt pens, before the ears are sewn in place to the seam join at the back of the mouse head.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To add a bit of color to the inner ears of your mouse, you can color the ear with a fabric felt pen, felt pen, colored pencils or pastels leaving the edges of the ear free of color. Pinch the base of the ear slightly to make a cup shape, and stitch the base of the ear to the back of the head at the seam between the body and the head as shown.

To Make the Tail - take the triangular tail piece and apply glue to one side. Beginning at the thickest end, roll the felt triangle across lengthwise to form a tail, keeping the glued seamline as even as possible. Allow the tail to dry, then sew the thick end to the back of the miniature mouse.

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