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Needlefelt Scale Miniature Rabbits in a Range of Positions


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Make Scale Miniature Rabbits Using Needlefelting Techniques
Dollhouse scale doll holding a scale miniature rabbit made from needlefelted wool roving.

Tiny 1:12 scale ball joint doll "Mina" from Sleeping Elf holding a needlefelted rabbit.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Tiny scale miniature rabbits or Easter bunnies are easily made using standard needlefelting techniques and small amounts of wool roving. The rabbit shown here in the arms of a dolls house doll is roughly one inch in length. You can set the rabbits in a range of poses and make them from several natural colors of wool roving so they resemble real rabbits. If you wish, you can use the same needlefelting techniques to make soft pastel colored 'toy' Easter bunnies or stuff rabbits for a child's room scene.

The steps shown here are easy for a beginner to follow, but if you need extra help, you can follow the instructions for needlefelting which are part of the tutorian on Making a Miniature Needlefelt Raccoon

Materials Needed To Make a Scale Miniature Needlefelted Rabbit:

  • Wool Roving (unspun wool) in your choice of colors plus white or cream and black
  • Fine Needlefelting needles
  • Needlefelting surface (brush or foam pad)
  • Suitable scale eyes on wire stems (I used 2mm eyes) or small black beads or eyes made from polymer clay.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors
  • Bent nose tweezers or beading pliers to bend wire eye stems (if used)
  • Wire Cutters (if wired eyes are used)
  • Reference Photo of a Rabbit

Note: the 1:12 scale bjd doll shown here is a Mina doll from Sleeping Elf.

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