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Needle Felt a Miniature Sea Otter and Her Pup


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Start by Making the Sea Otter Pup's Body
A ball of wool is felted into a body for a miniature sea otter pup.

A ball of wool shown on the left is felted into a small long (shown on the right) to make the body for a miniature needle felted sea otter pup.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This 3 inch long sea otter mum and pup are an easy needle felting project for a beginner. You can make your sea otter any size using these instructions, but 3 inches is great for my intended use, as a decoration to replace a pompom on a hat for a marine loving friend with her first child. To make sure the animals stay a reasonable size I will start by making the body of the pup, which will determine the size of the mother sea otter. The pup I made is roughly 1 1/4 inches (3 cm) long, with a body roughly 3/4 inch (2cm long).

To get the body the correct size, I begin with a loosely gathered ball of brown wool roving, roughly the size of a quarter. I felt it flat to hold it, then turn in the ends to make a log roughly the length I want my body to be. I felt along the length of the 'log' rolling it over a quarter turn to make sure it is evenly felted all around.

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