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Needle Felt a Miniature Sea Otter and Her Pup


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Needlefelt a Sea Otter Mother and Pup
A felted miniature sea otter mother with a pup resting on her stomach.

A felted miniature sea otter mother roughly three inches long with a pup resting on her stomach.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This felt sea otter mother and pup are only 3 inches long, made using simple needle felting techniques with wool roving. Unlike some of the other needle felt animals on the About miniatures site, the sea otter project is shown made without a pipe cleaner or wire frame, as this particular miniature is destined to replace a traditional pompom on the top of a knitted hat.

At roughly three inches long, the sea otter mom and her pup make a wonderful ornament for a miniature display or Christmas trees.

This cute animal pair is easy for a beginner to make. Extra help can be found in the main instructions for needlefelting which are part of the tutorial on Making a Miniature Needlefelt Raccoon

Materials You Will Need To Make a Scale Miniature Sea Otter and Pup:

  • Wool Roving (unspun wool) in brown plus white or cream and black. I also used a small amount of high contrast orange to suggest a piece of fish or a starfish. You could glue on a small shell or shell charm instead.
  • Toothbrush Bristles - for whiskers
  • Fine Needlefelting Needles.
  • Needlefelting Surface (brush or foam pad).
  • Suitable Scale Eyes on Wire Stems - (I used 1mm glass eyes) or small black beads or eyes made from polymer clay.
  • Fine Sharp Scissors.
  • Bent nose tweezers or beading pliers to bend wire eye stem(if used)
  • Strong PVA Glue - to glue ends of whiskers in place. I used Crafter's Pick The Ultimate! Glue
  • Wire Cutters or end cutters (if wired eyes are used)
  • Reference Photo of a sea otter mother and pup - a simplified mother otter and pup drawing is available as a printable toy from Danielle's Place

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