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Make Your Dog in Miniature - Use Felting Techniques to Make Poseable Scale Dogs


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Make an Individualized, Poseable Scale Needle Felted Miniature Dog
A dolls house scale Jack Russell Terrier tucked into the cushion on his dog bed.

A dolls house scale Jack Russell Terrier tucked into the cushion on his dog bed.

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Needle felt a miniature portrait of your favorite dog using wool, mohair or silk roving over a frame of pipe cleaners. These poseable scale dogs can be used for gifts, in miniature scenes, dolls houses, or on your Christmas tree as ornaments. Needle felting is a simple technique which is quick to learn, and small felted dogs take only a short time to make.

Although the tutorial that follows shows a short haired dog, you can use the techniques shown in the instructions for making a miniature needle felt raccoon to add longer hair coats to your miniature dogs. Wool, mohair or silk fibers are used as they can be curled around skewers or needles when damp, and curled to make various styles of dog hair for different breeds.

This is a fun technique, although the extremely sharp needles make it unsuitable for children. Once you've made one dog, you'll be experimenting with all kinds of different breeds or individual animals. If you would rather follow instructions for a particular dog breed, larger felted individual dog breeds in roughly 1:6 scale can be found in the book Fleece Dog and there are instructions for fixed pose felted animals roughly 1:6 scale in the book Little Felted Animals.

The dog I've created in miniature here is my son's Jack Russell Terrier, known for loving to sleep under the removable terry cloth cover of his dog cushion, in his version of a doggy sleeping bag. Although he is no longer with us, he accompanies his owner everywhere now as a miniature reminder of many good times spent travelling together in cars and trucks.

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