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Make Poseable Scale Miniature Sheep Using Needle Felting Techniques


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Make Poseable Miniature Sheep Using Needle Felting Techniques
A felted miniature sheep in

The finished miniature felted sheep in "G" or 1:24 scale can be trimmed further, or felted a bit harder to define its legs.

Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This poseable miniature sheep was designed to be in scale to fit a sheep carriage a friend built fo a model railway. The sheep is made from needle felt, using the same methods and materials used for the Miniature Raccoon and the Miniature Dog

This project assumes you have read those earlier needle felting projects. It uses many of the same techniques, so if you need more examples, look to the raccoon instructions or the instructions for making a needle felted dog, to help you understand the steps used to make the scale miniature sheep.

If you want to build a sheep wagon for your railway, the 16mm narrow gauge modellers featured one for the January 2010 Model of the Month Project

These sheep also work well for scale farm and dolls house scenes, or they can be made smaller or larger for Christmas Creche or Easter scenes or decorations using the same techniques.

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