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Use Needlefelt Techniques to Make a Poseable Miniature Cat


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Make and Add the Ears to the Miniature Cat's Head
Making ears for a miniature needlefelted cat

Ears are made from small flat sections of needlefelt, trimmed and attached at the base to the top back of the miniature cat's head.

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To make ears, felt a rough 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch flat section of fleece. When it is thoroughly felted on both sides (and still thin and flat), use your scissors to cut two small pointed ears. Try to match them closely for size. If you wish, depending on the breed of cat you are making, you can use a different color to outline the ears or add a different color to one side to color the inner ear.

When you have the ears the right size and shape, attach them to your miniature cat's head. To attach your ears to the head, place the ear on the top of the head at the back of the head, and carefully use your needle to punch through the base of the ear and into the head fleece. Be careful not to poke your fingers! Felt the ear securely in place at the ear's base. If it is not facing the correct direction, turn it with your fingers and continue to work the needle through the ear until you are happy with its position.

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