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Use Needlefelt Techniques to Make a Poseable Miniature Cat


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Finish the Miniature Cat's Face With Eyes, Nose and Whiskers
Finished face of a miniature needlefelted cat, with ears, eyes, nose and whiskers

The eyes, nose, ears and whiskers of a miniature needlefelted cat are added before the head is attached to the cat body.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Finish the head of your miniature cat by adding eyes, nose and whiskers.

Add Eyes - The eyes can be small glass eyes on wires, purchased from teddy bear suppliers. If you use these, you can follow the instructions shown for the miniature needlefelted dog, to add the eyes after the head is positioned on the body.

If you are going to use polymer clay eyes made with slanted pupils, and very little white, you can glue them in place in recesses you felt into the head.

Add a Nose - you can form a nose from a small ball of colored thread and felt it onto the face. For the nose on my cat I felted a ball of fine black silk ,then added a touch of acrylic glaze to the thread after it was felted in place, to make the nose look a bit wet.

Add Whiskers - To add whiskers, gather up some fine thread into a line and felt it to the cat's face just below and on either side of the nose. I used fine silk fibers for my cat's whiskers. You can also use fine fishing line sewn through the cat's face, or fine thread felted in place.

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