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Beginners Easy to Sew Miniature Bunny


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Choosing a Fabric For an Easy to Sew Bunny
Two main felt pieces used to make an easy to sew felt bunny.

The main felt body pieces for an easy to sew felt bunny.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

As shown in these instructions I made my bunny from a good quality wool felt (mine comes from a quilting shop). For a beginning sewer, any quality non woven fabric will be easy to manage. Various types of non woven faux suedes and leathers / pleathers will work, or you can make your own non woven leather using acrylic paints and fabric interfacing.

More advanced sewers can make bunnies from any fabric. The pattern shown here uses only a 1/8 inch hem, so woven fabrics will need to be treated with fray check or glue along the cut edge before you attempt to sew them.

To Make the Miniature Bunny You Will Need:

  • Printed Copy of the Bunny Pattern - this is available as a downloadable pdf pattern, which requires software like the free acrobat reader to open. The pattern is designed to make a roughly 3 inch tall bunny like the one shown.
  • Hemostats or Bent Nose Tweezers for turning the sewn fabric.
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Glue - not essential but can be used to glue the ears in place.
  • Felt - or other non woven fabric in your choice of colors, a six inch by eight inch piece should be enough. You may need small amounts of pink for the inner ears and nose, or you can use a fabric marker, or chalk pastels.
  • Fine Needle and Thread - to match your fabric, plus white for the whiskers, embroidery thread for an embroidered nose, mouth and eyes if you wish.
  • Small Beads - or pieces of felt for the eyes.
  • Quilt Batting or cotton batting, to stuff the bunny.

Use the pattern to cut your two main body pieces from the fabric, treating the cut edges with fray check if you are using a woven fabric.

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