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Make Detailed Miniature Eyes and Eyeballs From Polymer Clay


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Prepare the Start of the Iris Section of the Eye Cane
Striped iris colors are wrapped around a black pupil roll to shape a miniature eye cane.

A layer of striped iris color is wrapped around a thin roll of black to form the iris section of a miniature eye cane from polymer clay.

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Roll the Pupil - To begin shaping the miniature eye cane, start by rolling a thin roll of black for the pupil of the eye. For your first miniature eyes, roll the pupil as small as you can, using a flat block or the back of a clay blade. The finer you can make the roll at the start, the less the shapes in the cane are likely to shift as you add layers. You can make ten to twelve eyeballs sized for a dollhouse doll from a length of cane roughly one inch long. Remember that your first attempts will be a practise. It may take you several different trials of slightly different methods to find one that works for your working situation and temperature, and your type of clay. Have alcohol wipes handy to clean your hands between colors, especially when working with darker shades.

Prepare the Iris - The iris is made more realistic by rolling very fine thin rolls of light and mid colors, alternating them, flattening them to a thin layer, and then rolling the striped colored layer around the pupil. Start by rolling two or three fine rolls of each of your light and mid iris colors. Lay the rolls alongside each other and gently flatten them together with a roller or a smooth jar.

Build the Iris Section of the clay cane. Use a clay blade to straighten one edge of the striped flattened color band of clay for the iris. Lay the roll for your eye pupil on the iris color, so that the roll lays in the direction of the stripes. It is okay to cut your sections so that you build just a one inch long roll at a time to make it easier to manage.

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