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Make Detailed Miniature Eyes and Eyeballs From Polymer Clay


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Finish the Miniature Eyeballs and Eyes With a Coat of Clear Glaze
Miniature iris and eyeballs made from polymer clay are given a clear glaze coating to finish them.

To finish miniature polymer clay eyeballs or iris's, coat them with a clear glaze, adding a drop directly above the iris to create the correct eye shape.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

To finish your miniature eyes, add a drop of clear glaze over the pupil and iris and leave to dry. When the drop of glaze has dried, coat the entire eyeball or eye with a coat of clear glaze to mimic the liquid on the surface of the eye. If you want the effect of milky cataracts on old eyes, mix a tiny amount of white acrylic paint into the glaze you dab over the pupil.

In the photo shown here you can see slices from the iris cane which can be set into beads, or set into eyeballs in a dolls head to create realistic miniature eyes, without the necessity of applying paint. Even flat slices of eyes will resemble proper eye corneas when they are glazed with a clear coat allowed to make a raised bump over the iris surface.

Bloodshot eyes may need extra coats of clear glaze to cover any extra flocking you added to the surface. Remember that polymer clay eyes can be sanded with fine sandpaper or micro mesh sanding pads after they have been cured and before glazing, if you need to polish them or smooth them off before using them.

Experiment with different colors and working methods to find a method of making eyes from polymer clay canes that works for your needs. The spares can always go into tiny glass jars for the apothecary shelves or witches lair.

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