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Make Detailed Miniature Eyes and Eyeballs From Polymer Clay


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Make Miniature Doll Eyes and Eyeballs from Polymer Clay Cane Sections
Range of eyeballs and colored iris for dollhouse miniature scale eyeballs.

A range of eye styles can be made using a simple polymer clay caning technique, including iris and pupil only, through to bloodshot eyeballs.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Small scale eyes suitable for miniature dollhouse dolls, animals and figures can be hard to find. You can make detailed eyes in very small scales using a simple caning technique and polymer clay blends. The eyes shown in the photo on this page are all smaller than the brown glass eye which is 2mm, one of the smallest glass eye sizes available.

The eyes can be made with or without whites, and with round or other shaped pupils and iris's for various fantasy figures. The size of the eyes you are able to make will depend a bit on the plasticity and caning ability of your particular brand of polymer clay. You can read how well various brands perform in canes in the information on the basics of polymer clay or in the article comparing brands of polymer and air dry clays. The eyes can be made in any color. If you want fairly realistic miniature eyes, remember that blue, green and grey eyes are usually fairly pale in color.

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