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Use Twigs to Make Rustic Furniture for Fairy Gardens


Make these furnishings for a fairy garden, or a miniature garden in a broken plant pot using bits of twigs and grass.

1. Make Fairy Chairs from Twigs

A rustic dolls house chair made from twigs with a heart shaped back.
Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These rustic twig chairs are easily made from a few carefully chosen sections of flexible branches. The tutorial explains how to shape then dry the branches to make the heart shaped chair back. If you prefer a bench, simply extend the seat to the size of bench you want, and double or triple the back design.

2. Make a Rustic Miniature Table from Twigs and Dried Grass Stems

The rustic twig table shown here is made in dolls house (1:12 scale) and is a great project for a fairy garden. If you have access to hazelnuts (filberts) or acorns, you can make an acorn tea or coffee set, or some wine glasses to set on your tiny table. The table is made from twigs, with a top of craft wood covered with dried grass stems.

3. Make a Miniature Bed From Twigs

Woven mattress support in a miniature bed made from twigs
Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

I suspect fairies sleep in hammocks woven by spiders, but if you would rather make a rustic twig bed for your fairy world, this one lends itself to twisting stems and twigs. Look for twigs covered with lichens or moss to add character to the Rustic Twig Bed. You can make a mattress from moss laid over a woven thread or yarn base, or pile your bed frame high with dried grasses or leaf skeletons for a 'nest' effect.

4. Make a Miniature Reading Chair from Walnut Shells

Miniature mouse in his reading chair with a reading lamp on the table beside him.
Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

It isn't twig furniture, but it does look cute in a fairy garden. This reading chair made from walnut shells can be 'upholstered' with a range of fabrics, or planted with moss for a natural seat effect in a miniature garden.

5. Accessories for Fairy Gardens

Gazing globe for a fairy garden made from a pen cap, Christmas ball, and beads
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Although they aren't shown made from twigs, these projects can be adapted by using twigs instead of craft wood, or as a base for the garden gazing ball. They both fit well into a fairy garden if made from rustic or weathered materials.



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