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Plant a Miniature Garden in a Broken Plant Pot


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Choosing a Broken Plant Pot for a Miniature or Fairy Garden
Broken flower pot and plants used to make a scale miniature garden for fairies or dolls.

Broken flower pot pieces and plants suitable for miniature gardens used to make a fairy or doll scale garden.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Most of us have broken plant pots, but some are better candidates for re-purposing as miniature gardens than others.

  • The best examples will have 'clean' cracks running across or down the sides. You need the section of a broken plant pot which doesn't have secondary cracks, as you want the pot to survive with its new planting.
  • Hopefully the pot will still have an upper rim and a full base (with drain hole) to support the weight of a new planting. An intact rim will help protect the pot from further moisture damage.
  • The broken pot will need to hold enough depth of soil in the base without danger of the soil washing out when the plant is watered. If the bottom soil is too thin to support plant growth easily, the garden will need constant attention.
  • Pots with glaze are usually not as sturdy as unglazed pots, even when they are broken. Try to find a pot fired at a fairly high temperature (pots fired in Italy for example are generally harder than pots fired in mexico or asia. Softer fired pots may continue to degrade, making them very short term prospects for miniature gardens, which can grow for years in a well chosen container.

Keep larger broken pieces of the pot to use as dividers to hold soil and create more interest in your miniature landscape design.

Have a few possible plants chosen for your miniature garden, but don't be too fixated on using them all in this one project. Plans can evolve as planting begins!

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