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Plant a Miniature Garden in a Broken Plant Pot


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Begin Planting a Miniature Landcape in a Broken Plant Pot
Site a miniature tree as a focal point in a dollhouse scale garden in a flower pot.

The position of an architectural shape, like the narrow pillar of this dwarf cedar, should balance the design of a miniature garden.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

With your section dividers in place, begin planting your miniature landscape with the plants on the lower level. For my garden I used Scleranthus uniflorus to make a miniature lawn. Make sure you leave space for the lower level plants to expand as they grow. The Scleranthus will eventually spill over the lower edge of the pot. Other alternative groundcovers for lawn effects for miniature gardens include Irish moss or varieties of creeping thyme

With the groundcover in place on the lower level, I have left space for a small line of rhodohypoxis as a flowering border. I will balance that border with a small group of the same plant at the base of the 'steps' in my miniature landscape.

With the base plants in place, I can position the main feature tree in my garden, a dwarf pillar version of Port Orford Cedar called "Ellwoods Pillar". It grows very slowly, especially if its roots are restricted, and it can be pruned to reduce its growth further. Other possible trees in roughly the same size and scale can be created by pruning bush thyme into miniature trees or using Miniature Curry Plant.

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