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Plant a Miniature Garden in a Broken Plant Pot


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Use a Broken Plant Pot As a Base for a Living Miniature Garden
Doll standing in the top layer of a miniature garden planted in a broken flower pot.

A dollhouse doll stands on the top layer of a freshly planted two level miniature garden set in a broken flower pot.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

A broken clay flower pot can be resurrected for a new life as a landscaped miniature garden scene. Here, a standard clay pot, broken in winter frosts, has been reworked to hold a two level miniature garden connected by a set of stairs. The garden uses plants commonly found in alpine or rock gardens, which have the slow growth that suits small plant combinations for miniature landscapes.

The doll shown in the garden setting is in standard dollhouse 1:12 scale. The same plants would easily work for fashion doll scale or garden railroads as well.

These gardens can be used indoors or out, depending on the plants you choose. Take a look at the steps which follow, choose a set of plants to suit your needs, and build your own terraced miniature garden. The gardens work well on their own, or as a photo backdrop for your miniatures.

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