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Miniature Daffodil Narcissus asturiensis


Miniature daffodil Narcissus asturiensis

Miniature Daffodil Narcissus asturiensis

Lesley Shepherd

Common Name:

Miniature daffodil

Botanical Name:

Narcissus asturiensis sometimes sold as Narcissus minimus

Plant type:

Miniature bulb


Species from North Portugal and Spain growing up to 6000 ft.(2000 m)


21/2- 5 inches (7-12cm)

Blooming time:

Early spring (late January or early February in zone 9)


Cold hardy to zone 6, needs vernalization (period of cold weather) to flower.

Suitable for:

Rock gardens, regular gardens in large drifts or tiny pockets, container gardens, small pots. Easy to force and can be brought indoors into cool conditions.


Narcissus asturiensis is an almost perfect miniature form of the ever popular King Alfred daffodil and is one of the smallest daffodils. At a height of 2 ½ - 5 inches (10-12 cm) it needs careful placement in a regular garden to show to best effect. Wonderful in miniature bulb gardens and small containers. This tiny daffodil can easily be forced and is a good candidate for unusual small containers such as tea cups and miniature strawberry pots. It grows best in sandy, peaty soil which is not allowed to completely dry out in summer. Prefers full sun. Protect from slugs.

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