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Living Miniatures - Tiny Plants and Animals

Miniature plants and animals that enhance our lives. Categories, profiles and information that will help you enjoy, choose and work with living miniatures.
  1. Miniature Flowering Bulbs (7)

Best Plants For Fairy Gardens and Miniature Landscapes
List of plants (with photos) that suit landscaping in miniature or fairy gardens or garden railroads. These plants grow well in the ground or in containers, and are easy to keep in scale with model buildings or accessories.

Use Glass Christmas Balls to Make Miniature Terrariums for Living Plants
Learn to plant a glass Christmas ball with living plants to make a miniature terrarium for any season.

Plant a Miniature Garden in a Broken Plant Pot
Use a discarded broken plant pot as a setting for a landscaped garden of living miniature plants

Set Up A Working Waterfall or Fountain for a Fairy Garden or Dolls House
How to make a simple working water feature for a living miniature garden or container garden

Use Twigs to Make Rustic Furniture for Fairy Gardens
Use twigs to make a range of furniture pieces suitable for fairy gardens indoors and out.

Miniature and Dwarf Fruit Trees
Information you need to know about choosing and growing a dwarf or miniature fruit tree, including rootstocks and height.

Growing and Caring for Miniature Cyclamen
Growing and caring for miniature cyclamen as winter houseplants

Miniature Potted Carnations - Growing and Caring for Miniature Potted
Grow miniature potted carnations as short lived flowering house plants. Growing and caring for miniature potted carnations.

Tips About Caring for Miniature Plants
Seven tips to help you care for a collection of living miniature plants.

Kordana Miniature Roses
Information about growing Kordana miniature roses

Growing Miniature Roses
A good discussion of various cultivars of miniature roses outlining their particular growing requirements from the About.com Gardening Guide

Landscapes in Miniature - a book by John Constable
Review of Landscapes in Miniature, a book by John Constable detailing how to make miniature tray landscapes featuring English Cottages.

Thymes for Fairy Gardens, Garden Railroads and Other Miniature Scenes
Varieties of Thyme suitable for use in fairy gardens, living landscapes for dolls houses, and garden railroads.

Growing & Caring for Miniature Curry Plant
Growing and caring for miniature curry plant, Helichrysum italicum microphyllum for fairy gardens indoors or out and outdoor railway garden plantings.

Prune Bush Thyme Into Living Miniature Trees for Miniature Gardens
Prune a thyme bush into a living miniature tree shape for a fairy, railroad or dolls house garden.

Scleranthus uniflorus - Tiny Grass-Like Plant for Miniature Garden Scenes
How to use Scleranthus uniflorus as a grass like groundcover for miniature garden scenes.

Growing and Caring For Rhodohypoxis baurii var. platypetala
Rhodohypoxis baurii and how it can be used for miniature, fairy and railway garden scenes in various model scales.

How to Care for a Live Christmas Tree
How to care for a living Christmas Tree from About.com's Forestry Guide.

Easy Ways to Make Dollhouse or Fairy Garden Gazing Balls
Make tiny gazing balls for living miniature or fairy gardens

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwoods Pillar' For Miniature Gardens
Using 'Ellwoods Pillar', a dwarf variety of "Port Orford Cedar", in scale miniature gardens for fairies, miniature scenes or garden railroads.

Allium christophii for Miniature Fireworks Effects in Fairy Gardens
Information on Allium christophii - sometimes called "The Star of Persia", a flowering bulb which creates a great fireworks effect for fairy gardens.

Gardening In Miniature - Review of the Book by Janit Calvo
Review of "Gardening in Miniature" by Janit Calvo, a book designed to help anyone make realistic miniature worlds of living plants

Fairy House Handbook - Book Review
Review of "Fairy House Handbook" by Liza Gardner Walsh. A book to help children explore the world of fairies.

Fairy Houses and Beyond - Book Review
Review of "Fairy Houses and Beyond" a well photographed book of inspirational fairy houses by Barry And Tracy Kane.

Fairy Gardening - Book Review
Review of "Fairy Gardening" a book by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner which shows a number of charming fairy gardens in containers.

Miniature Garden Guidebook
Review of "Miniature Garden Guidebook" by Nancy Norris a compilation of articles from Garden Railway Magazine.

Why Miniature Cattle - Raising Miniature Cattle
Article on the advantages of raising miniature cattle.

American Miniature Horse Association
Information about history, types and uses of miniatures horses.

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