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Petite Properties First Building Kit in Quarter Scale

A Quarter Scale Kit with a Difference

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Quarter Scale Corner Shop Kit with Brick and Wood Finish From Petite Properties

Corner Shop from a Quarter Scale Kit by Petite Properties

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Fiona Broadwood of Petite Properties is known for a unique approach to building in smaller scales. She has brought that same aesthetic and teaching skill to her new series of 1:48 (Quarter Scale) building kits. These precision cut, inexpensive kits go together easily. The kit consists of laser cut mdf pieces to build the house, and a comprehensive instruction book with clear colored photos, which demonstrates how to use basic craft materials (card, paints and air drying clay) to finish the kit as shown, complete with doors, windows and signage (which is included in the book).

Clearly Labelled Precision Cut Pieces

The Corner Shop Kit, the first in a series of quarter scale houses by Petite Properties, is a front opening shop with a removable roof and elevation that open to show traditional interiors for a shop with a finished spare room on the second story. The finished building measures roughly 5 3/4 inches tall by 3 1/4 inches wide and includes a section of paving across the front of the shop which conveniently removes with the front elevation to allow full access to the rooms behind. All the pieces for the kit are cut from 1/8 inch mdf, and the house is constructed by gluing the walls together in simple butt joints. The pieces are clearly labelled and the full color instruction book included makes construction easy.

To complete the shop as shown, you will require basic tools, clear acetate for the windows, glue, paints and mount card or poster board 1/8 inch (2mm) thick, as well as air dry clay and lightweight card. When completed the shop has a brick finish with slate roof tiles and a wooden front facade. In the included booklet, Fiona shows you how to create all these finished effects using only bits of card and air drying clay. The methods she demonstrates will be invaluable for future quarter scale projects. Interior finishing effects include ceiling cornices, faux wood and tile floors, panelled doors and wainscoting, as well as floor moldings and chair rails. All of these are accomplished by easy methods using card and paint finishing techniques which will introduce you to the finish before you build techniques common to quarter scale buildings and interiors.

Generic Design That Will Merge Into Any Collection

Laser cut mdf pieces for a corner shop, plus an instruction booklet by Petite Properties.

Contents of a quarter scale dolls house kit for a corner shop by Petite Properties

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Although this building has been designed to be completed with a traditional English brick and wood facade, the shape and lines of the building allow the use of many other finishes to make shops for other periods or locations. Instead of air drying clay for a brick finish, the exterior can be finished with wood or styrene sheets of wood siding, commonly used on similar buildings on the West Coast of North America. With a bit of practise, the air dry clay could also be finished in a stone pattern to fit in with particular styles for a Dickensian Christmas village. The sturdy mdf walls and the removable front facade and simple peaked roof, make it easy to adapt this building for a number of uses for gaming or railroad purposes as well as for 1:4 scale dolls houses.

Availability and Price

Petite Properties sell their houses and kits at many large dolls house shows and fairs in the UK. Fortunately for the rest of us, the kits are also available from them online. Including postage, the kit sells for £23.49, or under $40 US.

As this is a series, also look for the other buildings being produced in this form.Washtub Cottage is property number 2, and there is also a basic range of kits consisting of parts and assembly instructions, but no finishing details.

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