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The Craft Pack Company Dolls House Miniature Christening Kits

Highly Detailed Dolls House Miniature Kits

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Contents of a Craft Pack Company Dolls House Christening Set Kit.

Lace, silk fabric, silk ribbon, printable boxes and bags and instruction sheets from a Craft Pack Company Christening Kit.

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The Craft Pack Company are famous for their detailed dolls house miniature kits in 1:12 and 1:24 scale. The kits range from printable miniatures through to needlework, furniture, dolls,and shop sets. In addition the company also sells a wide range of quality supplies for miniature jewellry and dressmaking, as well as beads and assorted other basics.

Unique Features of Craft Pack Kits

The Baby Girls Christening Kit reviewed is a complete set of accessories for a baby's or shop scene. It would also make great accessories for a scrapbook page or as a Christening memento.

Kit Contents - The kit includes fine silk fabric ,silk ribbon, and lace trim for a gown, bonnet and bib in white. Included is a printed sheet of baby themed boxes, bags, and cards, complete with coordinating tissue. There are generous quantities of silk fabric, lace, ribbon and tissue. You will not run out of materials.

Clear instructions are included, along with a cutting pattern and a photo of the finished items.

Assembly: You will need glue, sharp scissors, a fine needle and thread and possibly a sewing machine for the Christening kit.

Assembly instructions are straightforward. The decorative printables are on good quality photo stock and just need to be cut out then glued to complete the sides and base. The Christening gown, bonnet and bib, are completed by gluing lace and ribbon trim to cut out pieces of silk. If you want to fit the dress on a baby doll, the pattern design would allow you to do so. The construction method given results in a model gown rather than an actual gown, but some sewing skill would allow you to create an actual item of dolls clothing.

Details: - The kit is available in boy and girl versions. The only difference is in the colors of the printables. All kit pieces are stand alone miniatures and can be used separately in a miniature scene or set into scrapbook pages. Boxes all have fitted lids, and the items could be packaged into the boxes if desired.

Ease of Construction

The kit goes together easily in an hour or so. As with all paper miniatures make sure you have good light, a clean, flat surface to work on, a brayer (or other smooth rolling surface) to smooth out any wrinkles and sharp scissors and blades.

  • The silk is very fine, so you will need a fine sharp needle and fine thread if you wish to sew it together, or you can use fabric glue.
  • White silk soils easily. Make sure your cutting and assembly area are clean.
  • If you wish to sew the hems with a sewing machine, place the fabric on a regular sheet of white paper and then sew the hems. The paper will keep the fabric stable while you sew, and it can be carefully cut then torn away from the seams leaving no residue behind.

Attaching the lace edging can be a bit fiddly but the instructions are written to make assembly as simple as possible. Read the instructions carefully before you start and you should not have any difficulties.

Other Items by The Craft Pack Company

The Craft Pack Company are based in the Uk, but their clear website gives prices in UK pounds, Euros, Canadian and American Dollars. Shipping costs are very reasonable and clearly explained. In addition to some very detailed kits, including dolls and detailed furniture, they also carry special beads for making perfume bottles, a wide range of printables, including household receipts and war time coupons, and an assortment of tiny jewelry findings and small print fabrics and trims, as well as very fine silk ribbons in assorted color packs. They sell finished items in addition to kits, and have a wide range of 1:24 as well as 1:12 dolls house accessories. They have a reputation for easily assembled kits made from quality materials.
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