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Make Printable Red Heart Kitchen Canisters or Storage Tins


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Make Free Printable Red Heart Design Dolls House Kitchen Canisters
Set of printable dollhouse canisters in a red design with hearts.

Set of dollhouse kitchen canisters in a red design with hearts and swirls. The canisters are made from printables.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These free dollhouse printable kitchen canisters or tins and the included plates are sized for a dolls house in 1:12, 1:24 and for the brave, 1:48 scale. They match the other kitchen printables in the red heart design.

The miniature kitchen set can be printed on glossy photo paper, printer paper for gluing to a piece of lightweight cardstock, or printed on lightweight cardstock.

More Dollhouse Printables in The Red Heart Design

In addition to the cannister and plate set, the following free printables are available in the red heart pattern, in the same dolls house scales.

  • Red Heart Tea, Coffee and Dessert Service
  • Red Heart Casseroles, Serving Dishes and Plant Pots

    If you prefer a different pattern or color, the dollhouse kitchen printables are available in a range of themes and colors:

  • Christmas rose or Hellebore design in pink and green.
  • Country Blue Tea and Coffee Service
  • Halloween design for a witch's kitchen
  • Shamrock Tea and Coffee Service in cream and green.

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