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Make Miniature Pumpkins for Table Decorations or Scale and Dolls House Scenes


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Assemble the Materials To Make Miniature Paper Mache Pumpkins
Tissue, thread, pva glue and scissors ready to make a miniature paper mache pumpkin for a dollhouse.

Colored tissue, PVA glue, scissors, thread and a plastic bag ready make scale or dollhouse miniature pumpkins from paper mache.

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To Make the Miniature Paper Mache Pumpkins You Will Need

  • Strong Tissue Paper – preferably in an orange, or deep yellow color. You can use plain packing tissue and color it with paints afterwards if you prefer, For larger projects I have been known to use rolls of inexpensive toilet tissue.
  • Small Piece of Kraft Paper For the pumpkin stems. If you don't have brown or kraft paper (I used a paper bag) you can use a piece of the same tissue or paper you use for your pumpkins. .
  • PVA (White) Glue – Traditional paper mache uses flour paste glue, and there are a number of other glues you can use for the technique. I suggest using pva glue because it makes very light, strong paper mache, which will not deteriorate if exposed to moist conditions for a short time. The glue should be thinned with water so that it is not as thick as cream.
  • A Firm Spherical Shape I made mine out of a biodegradable plastic shopping bag, pushing the plastic into the center of one side of the bag to make a smooth sphere and taping the top edges closed. For larger pumpkins I would use water balloons, or larger balloons, and for tiny pumpkins I use small rolled balls of tissue paper or waxed paper.
  • Green or Orange Thread – Depending on the scale of your project you may need ordinary single strand sewing thread for ¼ or smaller scale miniatures, on up to pieces of strong string for 1 foot and larger paper mache pumpkins.
  • Sharp Scissors or a Craft Knife – curved scissors work well for smaller scales.
  • Tweezers aren't necessary but may help you to pull the stuffing out of your miniature pumpkins if you need them hollow.
  • Paint – I used water color paint to darken my basic tissue to a nice pumpkin orange and used an olive green to detail the stem. You can use acrylic paint, or leave the pumpkins the color of your tissue.

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