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Make Miniature Pumpkins for Table Decorations or Scale and Dolls House Scenes


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Make Miniature Pumpkins for Your Table or a Scale Scene
Dolls house scale skelton dressed as a witch, holding a carved paper mache pumpkin.

Miniature scale pumpkins in dolls house and smaller scales made from paper mache using colored tissue and glue.

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These miniature pumpkins can be made in almost any scale or size for a dolls house or a regular table, using tissue paper, pva (white) glue, thread and paint. Paper mache techniques are used to make thin, lightweight containers that can easily be filled with small treats, used as vases for dolls house scale floral displays, or used in a number of ways for inexpensive seasonal decorations. If you make the pumpkins very tiny, you can use them easily in model railroad scenes.

This technique works well through a range of sizes, from tiny through full size. The materials are inexpensive and easy to find or adapt, and this is a project easily completed by children. Just pick an appropriate size for them to work on. Made with tissue paper over an inflated balloon, the pumpkins can be turned into luminaria to decorate a porch or table if you use battery operated flickering tea lights or low heat producing LED light strings instead of candles.

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