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Make Miniature Skull Beads, Skulls or Sugar Skulls From Several Materials


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Materials Used to Make Miniature Skulls, Skull Beads and Sugar Skulls /Calaveras
Materials used to make miniature replica sugar skulls for Dias de los Muertos.

Materials used to make miniature sugar skulls from polymer clay. The same method can be used to sculpt edible miniature sugar skulls.

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Materials for Miniature Skulls

The modelling instructions given in this tutorial show you how to model or sculpt miniature skulls in any size from modelling pastes, clays or fondant icing. The instructions are shown with polymer clay, but the same methods will work with other materials.

To Make Edible Miniature Skulls If you want to make edible fondant icing skulls for decorations, make sure you use only edible materials to mold, decorate and color them. Stiff fondant paste and bright food colorings, icings or tiny strips of colored fondant will handle similarly to the materials given below. For edible skulls, use edible sugar glitter, or fine berry sugar, instead of the crafting micro glitter specified in the materials below.

To Make Miniature Skulls or Skull Beads You Will Need:

  • Modelling Compound I used polymer clay to demonstrate how these skulls are formed but you can use air drying clay, paper clay, paper mache, epoxy putty, or stiff edible fondant instead using the same technique. If your fondant is too soft it will be very difficult to sculpt. White or ivory colored modelling compounds will look most realistic, but you can use jewel tone translucent polymer clays to produce lapis lazuli, turquoise, ruby or other jewel like skulls.
  • Modelling Tools You can use embossing tools, clay shapers, or other modelling tools, including rounded toothpicks to shape the skull. For edible skulls use only food safe tools. Do not use tools used for food with craft materials!
  • Fine Beading Wire or fishing line or thread to shape the mouth.
  • White or Crystal Micro Glitter for faux sugar skulls (calaveras) made from craft modelling materials Buy Direct. For edible miniature skulls use fine berry sugar, or edible sugar glitter.
  • Dressmakers pin or a toothpick or icing nail or fine skewer (for edible skulls) to support the skull while you shape it.
  • Colored Gel Pens or acrylic paints to decorate polymer clay sugar skulls, food coloring, or colored icing and very fine icing tubes to decorate edible fondant skulls.
  • Thin PVA (white) Glue to glue micro glitter to non edible skulls.
  • Food Safe Brush to apply sugar or edible glitter to fondant skulls.
  • Polyester Quilt Batting to support polymer clay beads while they oven cure (to prevent shiny spots).


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