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Make Miniature Skull Beads, Skulls or Sugar Skulls From Several Materials


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Make Miniature Skulls, Skull Beads or Sugar Skulls
Dollhouse scale miniatures for the day of the dead including sugar skulls, marigolds, and cockscomb.

Dolls house scale miniatures for the Day of the Dead, (Dia de los Muertos) including sugar skull, marigold (cempazuchitl), and cockscomb (cresta de gallo).

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Miniature skulls and skull beads are easily made from a variety of modelling materials or fondant icing. The steps which follow will show you how to shape hollow or solid skulls from a range of materials. The skulls can be used for Halloween or as sugar skulls (Calaveras de Azúcar) for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrations, or for jewellery or decorations for dolls house miniature or gaming scenes. Edible skull decorations can be moulded from fondant icing or even marshmallows using the same techniques. The marshmallow skulls are a great, easy project for children.

A number of jewelry projects work well with skull beads including these Skull Bead and Stone Earrings from the About.Com Jewelry Making Guide.

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