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Printable Halloween Decorations for a Haunted Dollhouse


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Printable Dolls House Scale Door Covers for Halloween Scenes
Printable Halloween door covers in dolls house scales.

Printable Halloween haunted house door covers in three dolls house scales

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These printable dolls house scale door covers come in three sizes to decorate your regular dolls house, or to decorate an easy build haunted house for a Halloween village. They can also be printed and used for invitation cards for Halloween parties.

To use them for Haunted House door covers, print the designs on a piece of photo paper or lightweight card, or print them on regular paper and glue them to a piece of lightweight card. Trim them to size if printed on card and use them on your easy haunted house.

To cover an existing dolls house door for a Halloween display print them on regular paper and fold the edges over to cover the regular door on your dolls house.

The designs are easily printed from the pdf (Acrobat reader) file for Halloween Door Covers

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