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Miniature Haunted House Displays Made from Recycled Materials and Printables


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Choose a Box Size and Printable For Decorations
Printable doors and windows for miniature haunted houses and silhouettes.

Printable doors and windows for miniature haunted houses

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The majority of haunted houses in miniature displays seem to be Victorian houses with mansard roofs and wooden porches. Before you begin your project, look at reference photos to see the wide variety of styles commonly used. You can look up haunted house silhouette on any good search engine and bring up a number of images to give you ideas.

Check your available recycled boxes to see what size of house you might be able to build from your stock. If you are building a silhouette or only the front facade of a house to go against a wall, you can cut out any basic house shape from cardboard and work on top of it. If you want a house in a particular size (1/24 scale or 1:48 scale to go with an existing set of villages), check the printables pages for the size of printable parts you will need. Straight and mansard roof sections, porches, porch posts, doors, windows and shutters are available in this particular set of printables in two sizes which are approximately 1:24 and 1:48 scale.

Printable Parts for Miniature Haunted Houses

1:24 Scale Parts

1:48 Scale Parts

You can also use the printable halloween door decorations and fence sections complete with black cats and rats.

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