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Miniature Haunted House Displays Made from Recycled Materials and Printables


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Make A Haunted House Silhouette or a Simple Building from Recycled Materials
1:24 scale haunted house made from a recycled cereal box, a paper bag and free printables.

Haunted house made from a cereal box and 1:24 scale free printables, with Playmobil people to show the scale.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Haunted style houses for miniature Halloween scenes or a railway or dollhouse display are easy for any age group to build using these free printables and recycled brown paper (kraft) bags and empty boxes. The individual pieces can be adapted to many shapes and styles.

This particular project is the simplest to build and features rough sawn siding made from torn kraft paper on a cereal box base. In the photo above the box was cut across the top to form the tower. A wide range of simple bungalows to elaborate buildings are possible with the various printable pieces. The cereal box can be modified to make a two story house with a tower, you can add a porch or a traditional or mansard roof, and glue printable windows and doors in place on the front, or cut the panes open and use them to cover openings and fill the box with a flickering cool running battery candle flame to show off your house in a display. Mix and match the pieces as you want, or add in details from other printable houses like the tombstones and crypts from Ray Keim's Paper Model Purgatory.

You can make these houses flat to be used as silhouettes, with cut out windows backed with tissue paper if you want, or you can make them from cereal boxes as small vignettes, and place scenes into the box from the back. If you have an existing set of miniature Halloween village buildings, you can make a set of these as silhouettes in a similar size to serve as a background for your Halloween display.

In 1:24 scale the houses can be used with dolls house scale dolls in 1:24 scale, or simple people from the Playmobil toy line, which are available singly in a range of costumes suitable for Halloween trick or treaters. 1:24 scale also allows you to include some of the larger accessories from standard Halloween village lines. The Victorian style gate on the right of the house in the photo on this page is from Lemax's Christmas village line. They produce a wide range of Halloween figures and lights that would fit this scale of haunted house.

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