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Assemble the Mansard Roof Building
Parts for a miniature mansard roof haunted house, showing the fold lines

Parts for a miniature mansard roof haunted house, showing the fold lines before they are removed from the house.

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The mansard roof building can be assembled on its own, or you can make extra mansard roof sections from paper and add them to other buildings you have cut the peak roof from, and add these smaller sections as a second story on your mansard building. Mansard roofs seem to indicate a house is haunted in many displays. The parts for this tiny mansard roof are very loosely sized to allow you to make the sections sag. Test fit the mansard pieces before you glue anything together.

To start assembling the mansard roof building, cut it out with the fold lines still attached at the top of the building as shown in the photo above. Use these fold lines to fold the building walls. When you have the walls folded along the fold lines, trim off the extra paper at the top of the building, removing the marked fold lines. The tab on the side of the building is used to glue the main building together.

Cut out the roof section and glue one short section and one long section together at right angles. Leave to dry. Make sure you make the two 'l' shaped roof sections so that they will form a rectangle when glued together. The other larger (and slightly darker) roof piece will be used to make the flat section of the mansard roof.

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