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Make Printable Miniature Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs


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Add Details and Interest with Glittered Roofs and Trims
German glass glitter and micro glitter on parts of a miniature Halloween glitter house.

Glass glitter glued to the tower roof and micro glitter glued to the toothed trim for a miniature Halloween glitter house with a mansard roof.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

There are a number of ways to add light and sparkle to the Gothic Halloween Houses. The version in the photo features German glass glitter on the tower roof. This is a chunky, vintage style glitter which adds to the vintage look and draws a lot of light to the area.

A finer, flatter, micro glitter has been used on a line of paper trim which will be applied to the top of the mansard roof as a widow's walk, and which is applied to the tower as a trim here. The lines of trim can also be used to break up the narrow height of the tower, or to act as a trim line around the taller houses.

If you like an ombre look on your glitter pieces, choose a color of glitter which is slightly darker or lighter than the color of the printed or cut trim (if you use the parts as templates and cut them from colored or glittered paper of your choosing). You can brush some of the glued glitter off before the piece is dry, to create an uneven or vintage look to your glitter (see the orange band on the black house in the finished house photo on the first page). You can also use a glue pen to make lines of writing, swirls or dots of glitter to make a different look for your houses.

Chimneys - The chimney pieces are assembled the same way the walls of the house are glued together. The chimney can have a fine line of glue applied to the base and be set onto the flat section of the mansard roof.

Stairs - For those who love detail I've included sets of steps you can apply below the doors. The steps are assembled the same way that the larger steps for the 1:24 and 1:48 haunted buildings from cereal boxes are assembled. Click on the link to see the instructions.

Have fun! (and post photos of your favorites in the miniature forum to share with other readers.

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