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Make Printable Miniature Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs


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Make Printable Miniature 1:144 Scale Gothic Glitter Houses with Mansard Roofs
Three gothic style mansard roof miniature halloween glitter houses made using free printables.

Three miniature Halloween glitter houses built with free printables in a variety of different styles and color combinations.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Here are more free printables for a glitter Halloween village. These can be used to make a range of different houses one to three stories tall. They can be matched to the earlier buildings in the Miniature Halloween Village Series and parts from one set can be used to modify the others. Apply glitter to all the building or just the trim, or leave them plain and cut open the windows, back them with cellophane, then add a set of cool running LED lights to create a spooky village. Use the templates with glittered paper or use them to make Halloween gingerbread.

In addition to the other buildings in the Halloween Village series linked above, you can mix and match these parts with the Haunted Farmhouse and Barn or combine them with other designs from the Printable Christmas Glitter Village set, to make extra houses for your Halloween display.

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