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Make a Printable Miniature Castle for Halloween or Christmas Villages


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Build a Printable Miniature Castle With Two Towers
Printable miniature castle with two towers.

Printable miniature castle with two towers for a Halloween or Christmas village or glitter village.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This printable miniature castle is based on part of Bran Castle in Romania, one of the 'Dracula castles'. Like the other printable miniature glitter village buildings for Halloween or Christmas, you can use the parts of these buildings alone, or with other building sections to make your own scenes. The printables are available on two pdf sheets, and will make a main castle building and two towers, along with additional parts for trim. The building is designed for a roughly 1:144 scale or "N scale" village.

For other pieces you can use with this building see the printable miniature village list for realistic and fantasy style buildings to use as additional buildings or parts. The Halloween Glitter Village Buildings are also in the same scale, and can be used along with this castle to make Halloween vignettes and scenes. There are also Gothic Haunted Houses and a Haunted Farmhouse and Barn in the Halloween series

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