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Make a Printable Armchair and Coffee Table With A Halloween Design in 1:48 Scale


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Assemble the Printable Chair Seat Base and Seat Cushion
Accordion folds are wrapped with paper to make the base for a 1:48 scale printable chair.

The base section for a printable quarter scale dolls house chair is folded in accordion folds, then wrapped with the end of the paper to make a base for Halloween chair.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Cut out the Seat Base and Cushion Section from the printable sheet.

Fold the Seat Base section in thirds lengthwise with the colored section with lines on the outside. Accordion fold (fold back and forth) the seat base along the smaller marked lines as shown in the photo above, ending your fold on the chequered marking, leaving the length beyond that without folds as shown in the photo above, which shows the assembled base cushion and the beginning of the seat cushion assembly. Your cushion base should be roughly 1/4 inch thick. If it is too thick, remove some of your folding from the start of the accordion folds.

When the base is the correct thickness, wrap the remaining paper length over the base covering all the folds and holding them in the center of the assembly. Trim the wrapping strip and glue it to itself on the bottom of the base (the chequered strip runs across the top front edge of the base.

Repeat this assembly for the seat cushion section.

Note: - You do not need to glue each accordion fold of the cushion or the base, the folds can be left free, which helps when adding the side covers later.

Note: If you are making your chair from thin paper napkins, or tissue paper, you can use a marble to indent the upper cushion slightly to make it look 'used'.

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